About me

I'm Martin Mulone a fulltime web developer and software designer. I work as a freelancer. Also I co-run my own company located in Argentina, dedicated to bring IT solution to libraries, archives and goverment in matter of documentary preservation.

I have extensive experience in FLOSS projects and associated tools. Also I'm the creator of instant2press, CMS/ blog developed in Web2py Framework. I enjoy a lot developing with python and javascript.

Also I'm instructor in a local club of a sail boat called "laser" pretty amazing!


I choose python as my main language programming, because coding is important, is like poetry, python has a very clear, simple and expressive syntax, that make it easy to learn and to teach it. In my list of skills often I use javascript and HTML 5, this is a must for any web developer.

In Web programming I use Web2py Full-stack Framework as a primary tool, because is easy, fast and all included, developing framework so you can focus in your project. Also created and lead it by great person Massimo Di Pierro.

Projects and Ideas

As a freelancer usually I work in privates projects, but when I have time I try to help in any FLOSS projects or making a new one. I strongly believe in sharing knowledge, not only make a better person, make a better world to live in. Take a look to my bitbucket and github accounts for open source projects.

Feel free to contact me, I will respond as soon I have time :).